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RE: I'm clean! Re: Thank you!

I've wasted most of my day so far downloading and deleting many thousands 
of these virus messages and cleaning up the mess on my server. Whoever it 
was that opened the virus (and there are more than one of you here), 
a lot morons! These things have been going around for YEARS now. FIGURE IT 

Let me give you some advice on how to clean the virus off your computer 
prevent any future infections:

1. Locate the power button on your computer.
2. Set it to the "off" position.
3. Disconnect all cables for power, internet, etc.
4. Pick up your computer and go outside.
5. Locate your garbage bin.
6. Place your computer inside the bin.
7. Never, ever, under any circumstances, buy or use another computer.

Thank you.


p.s., please don't send me yet more mail with apologies or lame defenses 
whatever. Unless you are letting me know that a check is on the way for 6 
hours of my hourly rate, I'm really in no mood to hear from you.

At 01:33 PM 8/19/2003, Alan Kroeger wrote:
>It seems that the culprit has either gone offline or has fixed the problem
>as there seems to be no activity anymore.

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