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NYC: 8/25/2003 electric ambient tuba

Tom Heasley
Ambient Electric Tuba
from L.A.
Monday, August 25th, 2003
9 p.m., $7.00
Chama (we have air conditioning!!!)
332 East 4th Street, between Aves C & D
East Village, NYC 646-654-6472

"Tom Heasley's mesmerizing bit of loop-based,
ambient tuba playing brought an ethereal
beauty from the underrated instrument."
Joseph Woodard, LA Times
"...a rich and sonorous aural experience
that flies in the face of all the dumb
cliches about what tuba music is."
Richard Zvonar, Ph.D.
"...a mesmerizing wonder of deep echoed atmospherics."
David Beardsley, Downtown Music Gallery (NYC)