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FS more stuff...

  Hi All, here is more gear I have for sale.   If yer' interested in any of
this, please don't reply to this msg, but send me an e-mail at
thefates@earthlink.net as I may not be checking the list as much in the
next couple of weeks, and if there's something you want, it may go to
someone else unless you e-mail me directly.   Thanks very much.  Have a
wonderful weekend!...  



Marshall JMP-1 midi tube preamp, excellent condition, $300 OBO
Ibanez EPP-400 Stereo midi patch bay no manual, $100
Roland FC-200 excellent condition, however w/out original power supply, 
GT-3 guitar effects processor mint condition, box and manual, $200 OBO
Steinberger Spirit 5-string bass, mint condition, Older American made, not
a scratch or ding, plays beautifully, $600 OBO

  Remember, please only e-mail me privately at thefates@earthlink.net and
you'll need to pay shipping on these, K?  Thanks so much.   Have a
wonderful weekend!...   




  "The only things I really think are important, are love, and eachother.
-Then, anything is possible..."  


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