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Re: Fab endorsement of David Torn

Greg Kucharo wrote:
> http://www.splattercell.com/members/gaalore/dtorn/dtorn.nsf/
> 07a8191a02dddea7802569f60005490c/
> ffa152823b0f6d9380256d8a004e5f1d!OpenDocument
> Fabulously over the top endorsement of our friend Mr. Torn, from
> director Brian Helegeland. 

My hands-down favorite quote from the article:

"David may or may not be a god. At the very least, he was touched by
one. Witness the evidence: he likes to say 'dude' a lot and he can be
very longwinded."


> Appears to be for a future CD. 

David scored Brian Helegeland's new film, "The Order." The film will be
released in a couple of weeks, and the album for the score should be out
very soon.

Info on the score (and some fantastic sound clips):



--Andre LaFosse