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Hello LD Folk

Hello, I have been a LD lurker, archive scavenger, and occasional 
subscriber.  Thanks for all of the great discussion.  I'm a bass player 
that uses looping as a practice tool, compositional tool, and 
occasionally in performance.  I've used a DL4, and a Boomerang, and now 
I have a EDP Plus.  The other boxes were nice, but I think that the EDP 
is a cut above in both sound quality and seamlessness of the loops.  I 
run a hodgepodge of apps like Logic, Peak, and some plugins under OS X. 
  It is mainly for simple recording and editing.

I have found the recent discussion of dedicated hardware vs 
software/laptop to be enlightening.  Like Kim, I'm waiting to see it 
happen on a PC platform.  I think Kyma comes pretty darn close, and I 
wish I could afford to run that kind of system.  Instead of blaming 
lack of demand/competition for the price of an EDP, I blame those 
fators for the lack of a dedicated real-time looping app.  There are 
also some obstacles to implementation of real time looping on a 
computer: latency, OS overhead, external control, and performance 
across different A/D types come to mind.  Someone mentioned USB audio 
interfaces.  Good luck with that.  The latency issues are real.

Dedicated solutions like the 'rang or the EDP, etc... can eliminate 
these issues specifically because they don't have to be able to connect 
to an ethernet network (probably the best control port on a typical 
machine) or send an email, or type a resume.  It can be designed to do 
one type of task very well.  I want it to do one task well, so i am 
pretty happy with it.