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Re: New Adrian Belew Interview(OT)

  Mark, this is exactly my point, this is a LOOPING LIST!, leave the
personal problems off of it.   I'm saying this, even despite my own earlier
post today, because I very rarely ever involve myself in an online
bitch-session, and it seems to me that you seem to do it quite a bit.  Yes,
I know I can delete msgs and such, and that's fine, but can't you perhaps
just show the smallest bit of restraint or consideration when it comes to
dealing with other people?   I'm not trying to make you out like a bad
person or anything, I don't know you, but it just seems like you're usually
more than willing to simply let loose and then expect others to pick up the
  I just find it a little tiresome, and that's fine, perhaps no one else
does, but it might be worth considering.  
  So, I've said my piece, and won't clutter the list anymore with this, and
I hope it makes some sense to you.   Have a nice day...   



At 03:35 PM 8/24/03 -0700, you wrote:
>Actually, just impatient with people who are not paying attention or 
>thinking.  I was being yelled at for posting a review about an album 
>that *does contain looping* by a man who does a *lot* of plugging of 
>his electronics business.  While I think that's totally OK and fine to 
>plug your electronics business here, especially due to the fact that we 
>couldn't do any of this without electronics, I believe one should think 
>more carefully about what you through a stone at and what your own 
>house is made of.
>Bully?  I like to think of myself as to the point.  Diplomacy is for 
>people with a lot of time and diplomats.  Mr. Soulfruit's ego seems 
>pretty much intact and I've way moved on.  Other people's egos are more 
>fragile and seem like they never heal. LOL!
>Sorry, couldn't help it.  I actually never meant harm nor foul to Cara, 
>I was only trying to point out what is pretty much universally 
>considered an email list faux pas.  No different than someone who 
>attaches a big gif to all their outgoing emails.
>Mark Sottilaro
>On Sunday, August 24, 2003, at 02:03 PM, John Tidwell wrote:
>> --- Goddess <thefates@earthlink.net> wrote:
>>>   Ya know mark, I'm not even sure if you're going to
>>> get to see this or
>>> not, but ya know, yer' just a fucking bully!  -plain
>>> and simple.
>> I heard he once tried to drown his little brother
>> in a bowl of Fruit Loops.
>> :)
>> John
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