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Re: Stereo EDP

If a hardware redesign of the EDP were possible so that it allowed stereo 
looping (doing some of that "what if" dreaming right now), why not just 
Kim and Mathius if they could build in some kind of switch that would 
it do be able to do stereo or mono looping? I've got a crappy little Rolls 
headphone amp that lets me switch my headphone mix to mono or stereo . . . 
so wouldn't it be possible to do the same thing on the EDP?

It seems to me that, with all the archive reading and now "real time" 
reading that I've done over the years of comments to this list, roughly 
of the LD EDP users are fine with mono, while the other half want it to be 

A switch like that would allow both to have their cake. Then you don't 
to reconfigure cables, and if you are trying to pass a stereo signal but 
loop it, when not adding anything to the loops, just switch it . . .if 
you're running all your signals through your EDP(s) like I usually do, 
is . . .

Also, at times, there can be advantages to having both mono loops or 
loops. I am primarily a stereo looper. I sold a kidney and got 2 EDPs to 
able to do stereo (just kidding--but I did end up selling my Chapman Stick 
to raise enough stake to pull off the purchase), and like the fact I can 
it using EDPs ( I use to do it with 2 Jam Mans before I traded those off 
toward the EDPs as well.). But frankly, there are times I also sum the 
to mono, for a different effect. And now that I've also got a Repeater 
(thanks to Cara! :) ), I've actually been thinking about trying all sorts 
things with mono/stereo contrast (okay, I guess properly this would be a 
"stereo field" thing, and thus, still putting me in the realm of stereo, 
. . .).

My point is, to me, mono and stereo loops both have their place. A stereo 
EDP would allow us all to be able to try both approaches. People like 
who are happy working with the mono approach could carry on doing that, 
while people who want stereo could have that too.

Just some thoughts . . .

BTW: Once I get back to Columbus, my Repeater will finally get to meet my 
EDPs, and we'll see how they talk. Right now, I'm in Chicago with just the 
Repeater by my side . . .


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