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Digitech space station presets??

I have a Digitech space station and was wondering if there is any list of
the actual presets. The owners manual describes how to use the pedal but
in adds it mentions reverse delays, rings mod, octabass, etc yet there is
not corresponding list of actual patch #s.

The pedal has groupings printed on in (ie: 1-9 Synth, 10-19 "warp",
etc) but I'm looking for something a bit more specific that says what
preset # does what.

baring that does anyone have particularly favorite preset #'s that they
use and know what si going on in them? 

I have an all guitar looping and processing show in two weeks and am
thinking about using this pedal in the mix. I'll rehearse with it a lot
and listen to it a lot anyway but any info would help me figure out what
others effects this might compliment.