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Re: Hard disk recording killed the tape star

These things stick out and are noticeable to you because they are rare. 
  Rare as in mostly extinct.  Nostalgia sure is nice though.

Mark Sottilaro

On Monday, August 25, 2003, at 12:32  PM, | SquidLoop | wrote:

> 2" Tape is still not obsolete in the recording industry and I really
> don't see that ever happening. Even David Torn still uses a
> micro-cassette player for his loops from time to time - In the end it's
> just a matter of preference. The thing about the music community is 
> good
> pieces of gear never really go out of style. Do you really think there
> will be a day when people will no longer desire a all tube amp, or the
> simplicity of a stomp box? We aren't talking computers here that get 
> out
> of date in 6 months. These things last - even when they don't sound too
> good they usually have a character that somebody picks up on and uses 
> in
> some creative way. Man have you guys seen how many Theremin players are
> out there in Los Angeles alone?
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> :::Hi all--
> :::This morning at our usual business meeting, I used a cassette
> recorder
> :::instead of my usual hand help digital thingies (I have two . . .) 
> and
> the
> :::damned audio was undecipherable--we are in the future in a large 
> way,
> and
> :::things DO become obsolete . . .
> :::Gary
> :::
> :::
> :::