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Re: Plugzilla (was: "Stereo EDP")

>> I'll ask again: how much money would you *pay* for a software version 
>> of the EDP?

>Doesn't the software cost $100?  I'd pay in the neighborhood of 
>$200-300 or so for one that worked on my Mac.  Reaktor 4 sells for 
>$429, but it's a lot more than just a looper.

>Mark Sottilaro

The latest version of the EDP software is available for $100.  It's really 
an upgrade charge though, since you have to have an EDP to use it, and if 
you've got one then you've already paid for a previous version of the 
software.  I think that the low price of upgrade is probably subsidized by 
the hardware sales, plus there's really no chance of the software being 
pirated.  There's a one-to-one mapping of users to sales, something that 
PC-based software developers can't count on.