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correction: Max/MSP bi-platform licensing information

Hi gang,

I read my good friend Per Boysens complaints about the Max/MSP bi platform
and, being a friend also, of Cycling 74 owner, David Zicarelli, I fired off
a letter to him
warning him that this critique was in the wind of the truly amazing and
Max/MSP software.

Anyway,  he wrote me back and said that upon rereading the website that he
felt that
their text was potentially misleading.

Here Per, and everyone, is the skinny from the horses' mouth.

"For $29, any current Mac Max/MSP user can get a cross-platform license.

The cross-platform license is free to anyone who purchased the software
after July 1, 2003.

Anyone, as of now, who buys Max/MSP gets a cross-platform license. We
allow authorizations of up to two machines, more in special
circumstances. You can choose whether to authorize two Macs, two PCs,
or one of each."

Just thought you should know.   For those of you who don't,  Max/MSP is an
object oriented software that
allows for incredible sound design work.   It is very , very deep and yet
you can get great results from it
the first time you use it.

Being a minion of the evil Gates empire (just can't afford that titanium G5
powerbook unfortunately) I was thrilled to
hear that the software was available bi-platform.

Now, if Cycling 74 would just release the amazing RADIAL (loop manipulation
software) and JITTER (video/loop manipulation
software) and Pluggo (more mangling fun in plug in form that should be
legal)  I would be the happiest
PC dude in the universe.

later,   Rick