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Re: What it means to build vs. play...

I think another point that Andre's analogy misses is that we're not 
really building instruments from scratch like one would a violin when 
we create a looper (or other processing chain) in Reaktor.  Now, I 
don't know the program at all, but I've fooled around with Max, so I 
get the basic idea.  It's much more akin to someone going out and 
buying a carbon graphite neck, basswood body, Kahler bridge and 
Spertzel tuners.  When I was shopping for a Stratocaster, I did not 
like the standard $400 model that Fender was selling at the time, so I 
got a G&L Skyhawk instead.  The tuners weren't as stable as I thought 
they could be so I put locking Spertzels on it.  The pickup selector 
switch was in the wrong place for me, so I put a Starr switch in so I 
could get more combinations and not have a toggle switch in my hands 
way.  Did I build an instrument?  Not even close.  Wouldn't try to.  
However, I did create a custom instrument for my specific needs, just 
as one could create a custom processor in Reakor.  I think it's better 
to think of Reaktor like one would think of a modular synth, not like 
buildling a Stratocaster from scratch.

Mark Sottilaro

On Monday, August 25, 2003, at 04:31  PM, Per Boysen wrote:

>> From: Andre LaFosse [mailto:altruist@earthlink.net]
>> Rick and dcoffin's comments make me want to put this thread
>> into a slightky broader perspective...
> Nice post, Andre! Since I'm also myself a musician that loves the feel
> of an old and well crafted instrument (or two of them, but not too many
> ;-) I read your post with my smile broadening with the perspective ;-).
> But to me you seem a little too biased towards holding the EDP, Max/MSP
> and Reaktor as being only instruments.