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RE: adrenalinn

I have and I love all the changes I got my update last week a 15 minute
upgrade nice!
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Sent: Tuesday, August 26, 2003 12:10 PM
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Subject: adrenalinn

anybody else tried v2 of the adrenalinn yet? 
the fabulously-named jay walker was quite correct in saying that the new
chipset would fix my preset-saving problem (my mk1 stopped being able to
write new patches over old ones), and they sent me a new sticker for the
front panel too. 
it has more amp models and more effects algorithms but still manages to
avoid trying to be an all-in-one effects box for guitar or bass. it very
much has it's own character, and the amp models are pretty good. the 
effects and delay are solid, no glitches (whereas my other so-called
syncable effects, like my boss sx700 and the delays in my emu modules are a
bit pants at staying locked up).
recommended, definitely. good long echo in it too- almost 3 seconds, and an
infinite repeat. 


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