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Re: 128 or 256 MB CFCs for Repeater

--- David Durian <daviddurian@msn.com> wrote:
> Anybody gone to look for CFCs (like, within the last 3 or 4 months) for 
> Repeater lately? Anybody have any luck finding any 128 or 256 ones that 
> well with Repeater?

I've been casually looking, but nobody can identify working ones any more. 
bought a SimpleTech 256MB (which Electrix used to recommend) from Sams 
about a
month ago, and the Repeater would format it, but it wouldn't record or 
play using
it. Sams was kind enough to let me return the card, most places aren't.

At this point, you could spend a LOT of money buying cards in hopes they 
have a
controller fast enough for the Repeater to use, but it's apparently a crap 
whether you get one that'll work or not. 


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