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Dissing Kim

this got posted about Kim's messages about the EDP and pricing:

"Just to ley you know Kim, I was thinking of buying an EDP until I
realized that you are involved with it.  Sorry, that's just the way it
goes.  I had enough money, too. ;)"

Quite frankly,  Kim's latest post really pissed me off, too. Coming from a
brilliant guy who I have personally witnessed being
exceedingly generous several times,  his post seems to me to be  both
elitist and insensitive to the many, many, many musicians
who are interested in looping and do not have the income that many hi tech
employees have.   I'm one of those musicians

There is, however, no call for this kind of post in my opinion on this 
It is a personal attack and as such, has no place on this list.

We all are just one person here at Loopers
Delight...........................our ideas have far more resonance than 
individual personalities.        I  share your anger about this recent 
but please, let's keep it concious in here, okay?

It's a community and forum for ideas that is based implicitly on mutual
respect.   It takes work to keep that happening even when
we get angry.

Yours sincerely, Rick Walker