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Kaoss--progress report

Hi all--
Is there a Kaoss Pad users group?  Oh Richard . . .
Anyway, here's the latest.  I have the Kaoss after the percussion EDP (MIDI
percussion looped on the Echoplex Digital Pro).  The setup I have developed
is two EDPs, one for percussion, one for electric guitar and MIDI keyboard
sound--bass mostly, because I am such a guitar show off--although I AM 
the Starr Labs Ztar for this purpose and it is actually faster than
guitar--but I have no string triggers, and I like the control a plectrum
gives me--but I digress . . .
The Kaoss pad will track MIDI clock, so I can process the stupid drum loop
and give it character--also can sample to free up the EDP for transitions,
but that is for MUCH later . . .
It looks cool and I am sure I will get gigs because of it--do we really 
to know more?
I say, give the people what they want--eye candy!