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Re: Playing an instrument vs. building an instrument...

Its as if you were talking about me, here.

I may suffer the dilemma between building and playing the instrument 
more than most. Am I being a musician by creating my sound first? But 
will I be able to be a musician ever, since I did not spend much time 
in studying music? Its sad to feel rejected sometimes by musicians 
who realize that I never know in what scale I am playing - if they 
consider it a scale... but then there are a lot of people who did not 
study music themselves but fully react to sound. Its some energy that 
has to come through somehow. Sound is the primary level, melody and 
rhythm base on them. There are many more levels of organization and 
aesthetics, and we can chose in which we want to work most.

If we manage to develop a good sense for what positive thoughts and 
relieve of pain, power for work,  we can induce, so, even if you dont 
play that smart stuff, you can be useful, what more do you want to be 
happy? But you have to bring a good sound. It does not take musicians 
to hear out of tune notes, lack of flow or wrong volume. So thats 
where I start. I also studied some harmonies and scales in the past, 
but now I play relative only, as often as possible just hearing the 
intervals between the notes I have been at and the ones I hear I 
should go to. Sometimes I dont quite hit them, I must admit, but, 
this people dont seem to hear, so... anyway, it seems to work 
reasonably, I just dont have the energy to promote it - because I 
still rather want to build new instruments... so yes, it can be a 

Once we choose a part of your instrument (pick strings pickup body 
cable amp effects reverb looper whew...), we may stay for a long 
while and care for other parts and for playing. Its not about having 
the best, its about knowing the best how to talk through it!

Am I abusing this list as my personal therapy session? LOL Cara, that 
was a strong paragraph. And here you have another one I love:

>   What I don't understand, is the desire for more and more and more of a
>"better" something that may not even be defined yet, to create something
>that one isn't even aware of, and doesn't seem to be going toward now.
>Dreaming is wonderful and so very important, but this sounds like a very
>aimless and nameless pseudo-need to me. 
>     Why would I want 15000 EDP's in a box when I have absolutely no need
>for it, and furthermore, haven't met anyone who has mentioned that they do
>either.  -or seems to be pushing the boundries of modern music and art to
>such an extreme that that even appears to be a need on the horizon.

f**ing 15000... wow, and all BrotherSynced? Codependent...

          ---> http://Matthias.Grob.org