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Re: headphones, headphones, headphones...

If you want closed-ear, the ATH M40 are nice.
Flat response and very comfortable.
$70 is a good price, but it's not 50%. They are usually about $90.

Evan Meyers wrote:

>greetings all,
>now i've seen the debate time and time again about who
>uses which headphones, so my question is a bit
>different.  i'm putting together a project studio and
>am in need of some quality headphones.  i happened to
>notice that musician's friend is having a huge blowout
>of 50% and in some instances...even more!  what looks
>like the best deal from them?  some of you may want to
>nab another pair of high quality headphones at a low
>price too.  here's the link...
>let the suggestions fly!