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Re: headphones, headphones, headphones...

Title: RE: headphones, headphones, headphones...
Duncan -
If you can get into a store to test drive them, try some Sennheiser HD 600's -- they will reproduce all the bass you have to give...
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Sent: Thursday, August 28, 2003 12:59 PM
Subject: RE: headphones, headphones, headphones...

>>what looks like the best deal from them?<<

I use beyer dt250's, which are about 80/$110. the problem I have with cans generally is that really low bass (esp. electronic, like from a moog or suchlike) doesn't register properly (you need an extra driver fastened to y'r stomach/ribcage, basically) and before too long, the drivers are goosed from the extreme levels and bassness.

I could probably remove both these issues by simply spending a bit more (on, say, the sony mdr750x series at around twice the price) but I reckon I'd still burst them in a matter of days- I own a memorymoog and a supernova rack in addition to a dozen bass guitars. ho hum.