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Re: Fear of "canned" loops

--- ArsOcarina@aol.com wrote:
> Strangely, it 
> always sort of surprises me when people say they'd
> NEVER use "canned" 
> loops in their music (as though using such is a
> major "sin" of some sort)

Yeah, I know what you mean... I think the difference
would be in just *how* prestructured and 'standalone'
the canned loops are. If it's a totally prepared 'just
press play' backing track with drums, bass, backing
vox and rhythm guitar that someone's playing dweedly
solos over the top thereof, you might as well be
watching karaoke, IMO.

But (and from your description you fall into the more
creative camp) if the canned loops are merely
ingredients to be drawn upon extemporaneously, and the
element of creation is preserved, ie. something is
presented in real time to the audience that didn't
exist before, I see nothing wrong at all with that.
It's the difference between the little tubs of
pre-mixed paint that come with a paint-by-numbers set
and a 'real' pallate.

While I've mentioned before in RC-20 threads that I've
never used the pedal's storage settings, it should be
mentioned that my rack also contains two minidisc
decks loaded up with 'canned' samples, mostly loops
I've constructed in SoundForge and/or Acid, with some
other more atmospheric ones (jets, crickets, field
recordings). The canned loops are mostly very short,
and can then be resampled and mangled through other
post-processing. It's not at all like playing to a
backing track, though, as the loops by themselves do
not constitute a complete musical statement and rely
heavily on additional real-time manipulation.


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