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Re: Violin loopers?

The newest Bruce Cockburn album (You've Never Seen Everything) features 
a violin player who is credited with loops as well.  They're pretty 
obvious if not in the front of the mix.  Probably not exactly what she's 
after but maybe.  The song All Our Dark Tomorrows stands out as it ends 
on a loop.


Don Makoviney wrote:

> Can anyone recommend some violin loopers (not cello or viola - just 
> My sister just got an electric violin and I have been introducing her to 
> looping. She would like a few MP3's to help her get a grasp on looping 
> with her violin. She found plenty of cello ones, but not much in the way 
> of violin (4 or 5 stringers. .. . . .it doesn't matter).
>  Any suggestions?

How amazing, how amazing!
Hard to comprehend that
Nonsentient beings expound Dharma.
It simply cannot be heard with the ear,
But when sound is heard with the eye,
Then it is understood.
- Tung-shan (807-869)

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