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Re: Violin loopers?

   If we're expanding to just electric violinists, how about Jean Luc 


On Saturday, August 30, 2003, at 01:27 PM, Steve Lawson wrote:

>> The newest Bruce Cockburn album (You've Never Seen Everything) 
>> features
>> a violin player who is credited with loops as well.  They're pretty
>> obvious if not in the front of the mix.  Probably not exactly what 
>> she's
>> after but maybe.  The song All Our Dark Tomorrows stands out as it 
>> ends
>> on a loop.
>> Kevin
> Hugh Marsh, the violinist in question is VITAL listening for any 
> electric
> violinist, looping or no looping. He's fantastic - check out any of 
> Bruce's
> 80s albums for lots of Hugh's work. (in fact, just check out any of 
> Bruce's
> albums because they are amazing, forget about instrumentation... :o)
> Fiddle loopers - Ed Allyne Johnson (sp?) - did two great CDs called 
> 'Purple
> Electric Violin Concerto' and 'Ultraviolet' - fanastic all live
> looping/delay fiddling.
> cheers
> Steve
> www.stevelawson.net