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Re: Fear of "canned" loops


In a message dated 8/29/03 5:56:00 PM, tiktok@sprintmail.com writes:

>Personally, I've adopted a set of "rules," (inspired by the Dogme 95 
>film movement) for my solo looping project to push me out of certain 
>comfort zones that I've developed over the years.  So: only acoustic 
>guitar, no effects other than a reverb applied to the entire mix, no 
>prerecorded material, two brother-sync'ed EDPs.

I DO sometimes do one-of-a-kind gigs sortta like that too: 
Lakewood M-32 Cutaway acoustic, 
Line6 DL-4 for looping
Ernie Ball Volume pedal
Behringer Blue Devil amp
Ebow, metal fingerpicks, brass slide and a hacksaw.

Heck in a previous life (27 years ago) I was a fair to middlin'
faux Leo Kottke imitator doing the solo 12-string bottleneck 
slide (and sans effects) gig or two. I can still play the stuff
I used to. It just no longer interests me to do so outside of
my own living room.

I don't do looping (live or canned) to hide from lack of technical 
"chops" -- not that mine are anything to brag about, mind you.
But, I've "been there and done that" as far as doing "simplified" 
solo gigs go and am just doing what interests me now musically.
I figure the proof is in the music.

tEd  kiLLiAn