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Re: Echoplex input problems

On the one hand, I think this did correspond with my first attempt to use a
feedback pedal with it. On the other hand, it happens with the pedal 
and when the pedal is connected I still see the full range of values in the
display. And it should still play back once even if the feedback is at 

Thanks for the ideas and I'll go jiggle things around a bit more. My
suspicion is that it's got to be a problem somewhere between where the
direct signal branches off and where the digitized signal makes it into the


on 8/31/03 3:29 PM, Jim Palmer at jimp@pobox.com wrote:

> maybe a bad feedback knob?
> or the jack for external feedback going dicey?
> just a guess.
> fiddling with the knob and/or jack while recording
> would probably verify this, since they very
> rarely fail completely all at once. you should
> get bits of audio or crackling or something...
> you could also try the voodoo magic of reseating
> memory/eproms...
>> Am I looking at an A/D problem?
>> Mark