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RE: Looping Inspiration

Hi Jonathan -

I started a similar discussion a month or so ago, also mentioning the
long 16+ measure heads as a problem when looping standards.  It doesn't
bother some folks,  but I'm afraid I'll never be able to get past it.
For example, I refuse to spend 2 minutes setting up the head for Alice
in Wonderland, All the Things You Are, or Stella by Starlight, unless I
can play them chord solo/joe pass style, in which case, why the heck
ruin the song with extra loops.  This is just my personal preference.
Hence, my simple solution is to not to play them, choose only songs in
the Realbooks that I can setup in a short period of time, or just do my
own material.

You ask how you find songs....I guess I don't completely follow your
question. Do you have all 3 of the original and 3 of the new Real Books?
There are hundreds and hundreds of jazz tunes, many of which have less
than 16 bars or don't take long to setup. The problem is that they are
typpically overally simple of beginner jazz tunes, like All Blues,
Freddie the Freeloader, yetc.  Footprints is a good one, though.  But if
you are looking for someone who agrees with our observation, than I'm
with you! :)  I'm not going to let looping technology dictate my musical
life...if I want play jazz out more often, I'll just call up my jazzer
buddies and setup a duo gig rather than spending hours trying to fit a
square peg in a round hole. 

Krispen Hartung 

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From: Jonathan [mailto:jonathan@kelloggcreek.com] 
Sent: Thursday, November 04, 2004 5:12 AM
To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
Subject: Looping Inspiration

    Hi Everybody,
    I've been working on a solo instrumental looping show for
coffeehouses, doing a bass / guitar thing.  One of the challenges I've
had is finding good material to cover.  I'm using a Boomerang, so it's
hard to find songs that have a structure that fits with the 'Rang, that
also works in an instrumental, jazzy setting.
    I can do some traditional jazz tunes, but a lot of them have 16 bar
forms (or longer) and that's a lot of dead space when you're looping a
bassline, then chords, THEN getting to the actual melody!  I've done
some simple tunes people know, since I think that's really important.
Stuff like My Girl, Imagine, What You Won't Do For Love, etc.
    I'm just wondering how you all find songs that fit the looping
situation you're doing, or what you look for in a song to see if it's
"loop worthy".