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Re:ORGANIC programming and looping

>Boy, my kindgom for
>the random filtering algorhythm that is in that pricey Lexicon unit that
>Steve Lawson uses live.........it's so
>cool because the rhythms constantly morph in a seemingly 'organic' way.

There's something v.similar in the line6 filter modeler.
Both units can sync to Midi, so can sync to your loop.

I'd say there's 2 extremes of looping.

1) the loop is accompaniment to any live material

2) the function of the live material is to build the loop

In between those extremes, there's the possibility of a dialog between 
and live,
the loop can "grow out of" the live playing.

hmm.. I'm off to google Rick's Boid Algorithms

andy butler
www.andybutler.com info & mp3 download