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Re: Townshend/SYNTH intros

> At work the only radio we can get through the RF
> interference fields is a "classic rock" station; they
> play 'Baba' and 'Fooled' extremely often, but never
> anything else from the album. Every time 'Baba' ends,
> I  really would rather hear it go into 'Bargain'...
> -t-

If any of you own the older-model Nord Modular and are interested, I have 
patches posted for these Who songs:


I read somewhere that the Baba O'Reilly sound was originally done using 
kind of weird organ that had a pulsing banjo sound on it. Then they sped it
up to double speed.

On the Nord I just made a kind of Farfisa-like organ sound and then applied
the pulsing and ping-ponging.

Mark Smart