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Re: KOAN music software (was ORGANIC programming and looping (effects))

Well, it's really not at all a problem with the
software. It's more an incompatibility on the user
side of the interface; I was finding that I wasn't as
enthused by the whole concept of generative music as I
thought I would be. I'd enjoyed some experiences
earlier with various approaches to process music, so I
thought Koan would be a step in that direction, but I
found what I probably enjoyed the most about what I
had done was the  vestigial musicianlike activities
not yet eliminated by the process. I'm certainly not
discouraging anyone from trying Koan, but I did find
it not to be my personal cuppa.


--- Ian Petersen <iep@mail.dk> wrote:

> Tim,
> > it's a little too "auto-pilot" 
> > for my tastes
> In what way?

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