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Re: Looping Gig with Didgeridoo, Dumbek, Frame Drum, etc

1)  Multiply.  Except when you finish adding a "phrase" meter, hit record 
end.  There has to be silence, but it'll work fine by redefining hte loop

Better way:
2) Lay down like X seconds of silence.  Multiply, and play the unmetered to
4 or 8 cycles.  Them you can watch the blinking lights and just add the
meter in time with them.

(sorry for sending this to you twice krispen)
(thanks for the interviews guys that have responded so far)
-gardner "interview guy"

> I just got back from a totally amazing and mind-altering gig.adrenaline
> still running through my veins and endorphins in the brain.  A new
> percussionist and didgeridoo player (Vincent Miresse) just moved into
> town, and I had him sit in with me tonight. This guy can play the
> didgeridoo like a madman.  He had three with him on stage, and one of
> them was tunable, sort of like a trombone.  He also had a dumbek, a
> cymbal, frame drum, chimes, bells, and this interesting metal, bell-bowl
> like instrument, where he rubbed the rim like a wine glass and made
> singing sounds and overtones (Rick, perhaps you know what this is?).
> Anyway, he is starting to get into looping, but he's not comfortable
> enough to do it live. So..in addition to my EDPs, I brought along the
> Boss RC-20 and ran the aux line from all his mic channels into the
> RC-20, and then back into a separate channel. At any point in time, I
> was able to loop whatever instrument he was playing.  Looping the
> bell-bowl like instrument was interesting, and produced a nice backdrop
> for layering.  And on occasion I would stomp on the RC-20 to capture
> about 30 seconds of him going to town on the didgeridoo.and after he got
> used to being looped, he was starting to play off his own looped phrase.
> I think we both felt like we were astroplaning on a few of the longer
> improvisational pieces.
> Another technique that I used, which seemed to work well with Vincent
> (and some of you have seen/heard me apply this), is that I spent about 5
> minutes laying down a series of non-meter loops - basically short
> phrases, ethereal sounds, experimental motifs, etc - and then overlaid a
> meter-based groove over this array of seemingly unrelated loops, pulling
> it all together. At that point, he was able to play the dumbek in meter
> with the entire piece...except for a few minor glitches where the end of
> the metered loop didn't align right with the beginning of the original
> loop. I still need to work this out with the EDP! How would I do this?
> For instance, if I play a series of loops that have no time signature,
> and then start looping a groove with a time signature over this, what is
> the best way to get it to start again on the down beat? Should I be
> using the multiply with a particular setting? Man, if I could resolve
> this, I'd be set for life.
> I'm definitely going to be playing with him again.we had a great
> chemistry.
> Fortunately, I recorded most of the performance on my Sony minidisk
> recorder, so I hope to have some clips to share in a few days.
> Cheers,
> *********************************
> Krispen Hartung
> http://www.krispenhartung.com
> info@krispenhartung.com