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Help with Start Point Function, redefining loop length, etc

Can some describe how to use the Start Point function? Is it accessible
only via MIDI? Or maybe help me achieve what I'm trying to perform

What I'm trying to do is as follows:

1. Hit Record
2. Play 30 seconds or so of random phrases, sounds, etc, with no meter. 
3. Hit Record again, and the loop plays back 
4. Somewhere in the middle of the 30 second loop, hit Multiply and start
playing a metered groove with the down beat starting at the same time I
hit the Multiply button. 
5. Before or after the 30 second cycle is complete, hit Multiply again
on the down beat of my groove

What I want to happen after I do #5 is for the groove to keep going,
starting and ending on the downbeat.  I'm assuming the original
non-metered loop length needs to be re-defined somehow based on my new
multiplied, metered groove.  I'm not saying the machine can do this with
the steps above, but I'm wondering if there is a way achieve the desired
outcome with other functions or button pushing. 

This was never a problem until I decided to play with a percussionist.
Now those metered grooves I multiply are quite annoying when they don't
start on the downbeat.  Before I just adapted. Now I'm driving the
percussionist nuts.  I have two EDPs synced in stereo and just the
Echoplex controller...I don't control anything via MIDI; hence I could
be limited in that respect.