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Hi all,

This has also been a yen of mine for years. I spent 10 years
in 3 colleges in 2 countries getting degrees in Fine Art that are
basically now just so much useless closet clutter to me. But a way
to seriously goose my latent "visual art" jones and incorporate
it into the musical schtick that I do has long been on my wish list.
Then again, there are always the usual manifold impediments to this.
Yeah. I'm a "the glass is half empty" kinda guy all too often.

As long as semi-hi-quality dependable video projection units
costs about as much as a second-hand Eventide I won't be
able to afford one of those either. Not to mention I yearn to
include motion video as well (not just project stills from a laptop)
and a digital video camera worth its salt is gonna cost many
times the price of new kid's school shoes at PayLess. I don't
think Santa Clause will be bringing me one of those either.

I am saddled with so much music gear already that seems
bug ridden or gremlin prone (or opperator-error prone) that
I am practically performance paranoid as it is. Do I really want
to add another layer of technological goo and anxiety on top of
that paralyzing cocktail?

Even though I am trained as a visual artist, when it comes to
adding a background visual component to a performance I
almost always leave that to someone else to worry about (even
if they are "less qualified"). Case in point. I have an acquaintance
who likes to make surrealist collages out of magazine images
and photograph them to make slides. The images are pretty
dopey at times but he is better at managing 2 or 3 projectors
and doing all of the transitions than I would be. So . . . he's happy
. . . I'm happy . . . and there's some visual "eye candy" for the
audience and I don't even have to worry about it.

As much as the creative side of me wants to do something like this,
the practical/realisic side always comes in and asks "Okay. How?"
And then there's the rebellious curmudgeon in me that is sick and
tired of feeling like I have to compete with television and/or Brittany
whoever in an evermore AD/HD world. I always talk myself out of it
using one rationale or another.

My hat's off and more power to ya if you can do it -- pull it off
successfully (a la Laurie Anderson) as a one person audio/video
band and still enjoy the basic music-making experience. I guess
the further away from the joy of simple music-making I get the
more like work it seems. At heart I just wanna be a simple guitar

Then again its Monday. I'm always grumpy on Mondays.

Best regards,

tEd kiLLiAn


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and Viztas. Yadda, yadda, yadda, blah, blah, blah. So???

In the mid-18th century, the Maillardet brothers created an
astonishing robot writer-draftsman that could write poetry
and do amazing drawings of ships and buildings. Around the
same time, Jacques de Vaucanson created his infamous
mechanical defecating duck, which could eat, digest and
all the rest. Furthermore, he also created a flute-playing
musician android, which offered 12 tunes it could play
to quite pleasing effect.