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You mean that they're over-diagnosed in children (and now, even adults!) 
all the time, right? :)

AD(H)D, although very real in many instances, is one hell of a powerful 
marketing tool for the drug companies.  Everybody has it, and needs some 
Ritalin, know what I mean?


ArsOcarina@aol.com wrote:

> Bill,
> In a message dated 12/08/04 5:47:22, billyfox@soundscapes.us writes:
>> I assume that AD = Attention Deficit. What is HD?
> Hyperactive Disorder. The two often go hand-in-glove in children,
> though not always.
> Best regards,
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> same time, Jacques de Vaucanson created his infamous
> mechanical defecating duck, which could eat, digest and
> all the rest. Furthermore, he also created a flute-playing
> musician android, which offered 12 tunes it could play
> to quite pleasing effect.