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Dimebag Darrell R.I.P


I am sure some metal heads are here...and ANY MUSICIAN should be sad
today....did you see this crazy news ‹ dimebag darrell. (ex PANTERA, on 
with his new band DAMAGEPLAN)..shot dead with 5 others including the wacko
murderer??? AT A SHOW????

Sick, ,,sad and totallly lame. and to think I put off seeing them twice 
week (²theyıll be back² I said )

Folks...play every gig like itıs the last

And Go see artists you love when they come thru your town. As I watch McCoy
Tyner tonight I wont be able to not shake my head that we wont see Dime' at
his Pantera reunion in 2035 or something. Damn.

damn. so sad. imagine sitting at the drums and seeing your brother shot
down... by a fan who is PISSED you broke up pantera???? My heart goes out 
his bro - Vinnie Paul - who saw this all from feet away. Damn. So sick.

Iım cryinı

and right now playing Over a loop of some loud ³pinch 

Over a loop of 

Over a loop of ....damn we are really becoming insane beyond measure

Over a loop of ....how does someone go to a show ...to see someone they
"love"..and punish them for...breaking up a band.......???.

Sorry folks I had to just share the pain with fellow musicians. I hope you
understand even if you dislike Darrell's music.