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Looper's party. 12/17 next friday night.

  Hey all,  
I'm having a party for members of various mailing lists I'm on. Nothing 
but gear talk and pontification.  I'm be posting this to several other 
forums, so there's potential for plenty of cross pollination.
There's a cover charge I'm afraid: one cd or other recording of your 
original music. (but make sure to bring more, I'm sure others will want 
some too)
1. My house.  
2. Next friday night 8pm till...
3. Bring your own whateva.
4. Small instruments are welcome, or laptops, if you swing that way.
5. Don't forget to bring cds of your music, too.

 Mail me offlist for directions, and so I know that this thing will fly. 
If you want to come, and can't make it, also mail me also - the date is