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Re: Looping on my mac

well, there's a ton of stuff out there... a lot of vst plugins
like the psp lexicon pcm 42 emulation, augustus loop,
various other digital delay clones, etc. on a higher-end
plane there's my personal favorite max/msp, a software
building platform with a lot of loop oriented modules.
ableton live is a nice piece of software, it's ostensibly a
loop player, but it's also a good vst/vsti host so you could
easily (i do) use it for looping with some of the above
mentioned plugs...
i'm sure tons of other solutions are out there, others will
chime in...

On Dec 14, 2004, at 3:34 PM, jan wrote:

> Hi All, first post to the listů
> Anyone of you doing realtime looping on a Mac?
> Since i cant seem to find any dedicated software: what software, 
> interfaces and (midi)/controllers are usable to get good realtime 
> looping from a laptop running OS X?
> I suspect that CoreAudio is as realtime as it gets so it should by far 
> be possible.
> Thanks
> Jan
bruce tovsky