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OT: items for sale

Title: Vortex and other devices that alter your tone

Greetings gents…


I have a few things I’m selling…thought I would offer them here as well.


Guyatone FLIP VT-X Vintage Tremolo

This is a 12AX7 tube driven tremolo stompbox in mint condition with original packaging, manual and power adapter.  It really is nice and throbby…probably one of the best trems I’ve ever heard outside a Fender tube amp, IMO.  I just bought such an amp, so this baby has become a bit redundant.  And it’s a cool sickly orange color, too!  If you need a tremolo in your signal chain and want to add a bit of tube warmth at the same time, you can’t beat this one.  Check out Guyatone’s site for more info




As I said..this one’s mint with very low hours.  New online at $170 or more.  I’m asking $125.



Alesis Nanoverb

This is a great little half rack unit that has halls, rooms, and plates settings, along with flanger, chorus, delay and rotary settings as well.  No menus, no presets, just Input, Output, Mix, Effect type and one Adjust knob, which usually adjusts the decay or rate of the effect type.  Great reviews for the money at harmony-central on this one.  This would make a great addition to a looping rig for ambience or for a non-reverb amp.  Again, this one’s mint condition with original packaging, manual and power adapter.  You can pick these up for $99 online.  I’m asking $60.





Korg ES-1 Rhythm Sampler with 32mb Smart Media Card

This one’s mint, too!  Too many features to list here, but check it out online if you are interested.  Basically, a step pattern drum machine/sequencer that samples, too.  You can sample directly onto the unit, or transfer samples onto the Smart Media card from your computer.  Lots of effects and sound mangling to the individual samples is available.  I already have another sampler, and the music project I bought this for has ended.  Lots of fun and instant gratification with this one, but it’s deep too, so you could really make this an ‘instrument’ once you get your hands on it for a period of time.  There is a Yahoo group for this unit and some software utilities available for importing/exporting of samples.  Great fun!   Original packaging, manual, power adapter and 32mb Smart Media card.


Ended bids on ebay go from $200 to $300 on these.  With the condition and SM card, I think $260 is a really fair price.  They went for about $400 new.



And for the big monster…


Line 6 Duoverb 2x12 combo amp.  You can read about this amp on Line 6’s website.  It was designed and marketed to ‘purists’, and it is a very straightforward dual amplifier.  100 watts with 2 x 12’s and a good selection of amp models to choose from that you can blend, much like the pros did, using two amplifiers to get their signature sound.  Very nice feel and LOUD as GOD when you turn it up.  Stereo fx loop, XLR outs and midi control.

I bought this during Guitar Center’s blowout of $500 on these, and I have purchased the FBV4 pedal that allows you to switch from the 4 front panel presets.  32 presets are available via midi or the Line6 shortboard.


So the amp and pedal if am offering here, but I’m not willing to take a beating on this one.  I’m asking $525 for it locally.  (the pedal costs about $50 and I’ve added two original Line6 handles to the side of the amp to help in lifting it with both hands).  I’m willing to make a deal to sell it here on LD, especially because shipping will probably cost $50 or more.  It’s a tank at 63 pounds, but it’s a great amp if you are interested.  If someone wants it in the Southern California area, perhaps meeting or picking it up is a better solution.  Let me know if you want it and we’ll talk price.



For the small items, I imagine the shipping will be about $10 on them.  Buyer pays shipping.  I can do paypal but would prefer a cashier’s check.


Contact me off list if you have any questions.

Best regards,