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Re: MIDI microphones?

  - but that would make the midi control depend on the input to the mic. 
That's not very practical.

check this one out:

-unfortunately it's a one-off, but you can probably get some inspiration 
from it.

> try some "aodio-to-midi" converrters, like the roland cp-40
> it has simple controlls, cheap to buy and does the trick...
> good luck :-)
> simon
>     ----- Original Message -----
>     *From:* Gunnar Backman <mailto:brakophonic@telia.com>
>     *To:* Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
>     <mailto:Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com>
>     *Sent:* Saturday, December 18, 2004 9:34 PM
>     *Subject:* Re: MIDI microphones?
>         Does such a thing exist as a handheld vocal microphone with
>         switches or
>         controls for MIDI?
>         That would totally &%$#ing rule.
>         Anyone?
>         Griff Peters
>         www.griffpeters.com <http://www.griffpeters.com>
>     Hi
>     There were a Roland ( I think)( I'll check it up) Mic for Midi but
>     if I remember right no audio just for trigging synth or whatever. I
>     used it with a band Tinnitus Therapy Trip( virtual Guitar, Vocals,
>     Reeds, Drums ), that had two loopers going, a Jamman and a Boss
>     RC-20 and the Midi mic to a Synth with percussion sounds, we started
>     playing and after a while the loopmachines triggered the midi mic
>     and the synthperc so we could all walk of stage and still be
>     playing. (the synth also triggered itself with amazing feeling !!!:)
>     Gunnar Backman
>     Brak(E)man Prod/Brakophonics
>     E-mail brakophonic@telia.com
>     http://www.brakophonic.com
>         -----Original Message-----
>         From: Per Boysen [mailto:per@boysen.se]
>         Sent: Wednesday, December 15, 2004 4:54 PM
>         To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
>         Subject: Re: Looping on my mac
>                     Hi All, first post to the list.
>                     Anyone of you doing realtime looping on a Mac?
>                     Since i cant seem to find any dedicated software:
>                     what software,
>                     interfaces and (midi)/controllers are usable to get
>                     good realtime
>                     looping from a laptop running OS X?
>                     I suspect that CoreAudio is as realtime as it gets
>                     so it should by
>                     far
>                     be possible.
>                     Thanks
>                     Jan
>         Hi Jan,
>         I've been following this thread with interest, since I am a Mac
>         looper
>         myself as well. As your question was not particularly specified 
>         received many answers addressing a broad span of live looping
>         techniques and strategies. All good advices has already been
>         given, but
>         here are some additional short notes on priorities concerning
>         "ready-made" software (leaving out MAX/MSP):
>         1. If you want to record loops in parallel that keep going rock
>         steady
>         and stay in sync - try Ableton Live. Record loops as "clips" on
>         Live's
>         "tracks". Toggle your recorded clips from a midi foot pedal.
>         2. If you want to record loops of many overdubbed layers, that
>         may also
>         swosh and wash - sometimes out of dead on beat sync - and if you
>         want
>         to keep the option of getting experimental with changing the
>         pitch or
>         even play melodies with the spinning loop - then loop in
>         Augustus Loop.
>         Now, Augustus Loop is an AU plug-in for OS X, so you will need a
>         host
>         application for it. Two good host applications are Live 4 and
>         Numerology. With Live you also get the option to mix your live
>         looping
>         with "canned loops" (audio files). With Numerology you also get 
>         option to set up hairy step sequencers to control parameters of 
>         looping plug-in (like pitch, yes - this makes chord changes in 
>         looping an option) or just about any AU plug-in that you like
>         sequenced
>         for sound design. This kind of "building your own looping effect
>         processor" (setting up beat synced pitch jumping, tremolo,
>         filtering,
>         gating etc of different rhythmic patterns etc etc) is also
>         possible in
>         Live, but the alternatives are more limited than with Numerology.
>         Greetings from Sweden
>         Per Boysen
>         ---
>         http://www.looproom.com (international)
>         http://www.boysen.se (Swedish site)
>         http://www.cdbaby.com/perboysen