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Re: MIDI pedal board for Line6 Echo Pro

I'm using the RFX MidiBuddy with mine. While it's not
the greatest in terms of being a full-featured midi
controller, it IS small (17" x 5"), inexpensive and

With the EchoPro, without having to do any
programming, all your looper features are lined up
right along the controller's bottom row on buttons 5
through 9.

5 - Record/Overdub
6 - Play/Stop
7 - Play Once
8 - Half Speed
9 - Reverse/esreveR

so it's basically a DL4 with an extra far-right
button, giving you separate control over reverse and
half speed. (Incidentally, the far right button on my
actual DL4 is dodgy; sometimes it doesn't do anything,
sometimes it engages the function but won't


--- Andy Bettis <andy@dance.demon.co.uk> wrote:

> Hi folks,
> Thanks to an early Santa and an obliging eBayer I
> now have a Line6 Echo 
> Pro to replace my stomp box DL4. As all of my
> looping is done live I 
> need a foot controller to replace the DL4 switches,
> four buttons with 
> programmable program change output. Ideally I'd like
> to have a small 
> unit, most of the MIDI controllers I've seen have
> eight or more buttons 
> and take up a lot of floor space. Can anyone
> recommend a small MIDI 
> foot controller?
> Ta.
> Rev. Andy

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