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multieffects floor pedals with looping capability

Hello all,

I've been researching multi-effects units and I've come to the following 

* drumroll *

There is no floorpedal multi-effects unit made for guitar or bass which 
offers tap tempo (or any other method of variable tempo in reale time) 
and more than 2.5 seconds of delay time.

*** Big Horn Splash ***

I've been trying to help a friend get a floor pedal.
She needs a multi-effects unit, has been using an old digitech bp8, and 
is ready for something alot better.
The thing is, she wants live looping and I have looked and looked and 
this is what I've come up with:
The digitech gnx series has live looping onto a card, but you must set 
the tempo manually, no tapping or syncing to midi
The Line6 PodXT Live and the Roger Linn Adrenalinn have tap tempo and 
watnot but seem to have only 2 seconds and 2.4 seconds of delay time 
respectively (not enough to loop 1 or 2 bars) ... and I'm not sure I 
would call the adrenalinn a multi-effects unit.

Am I missing something?

-- Sarth