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RE: Question for Echoplex experts.

 Again, try the aux send. I use an amp modeler, so I don't have to get into
the whole amp/mic/sound coming from 2 sources thing. I can't get *exactly*
the guitar sound I want in my head, but it is better than either dragging
more gear/more stuff to wrong, or fiddling with a microphone trying to get
the looped sound to match the amp sound. 

Dave Eichenberger 

> I just purchased an Echoplex. I upgraded, or at least added 
> from an RC 20. What Im interested in figuring out is this. I 
> would like to incorporate different instruments into my 
> performances. Bass, possibly some percussion of some kind. 
> However, with one Echoplex I am limited to just one channel 
> of the mixing board. Is adding a second echoplex the answer?