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Re: Forbidden Planet Soundtrack, Bebe Barron, Reaktor

At 8:09 PM -0500 12/25/04, Bill Fox wrote:

>Oooh!!! Are the circuit schematics published anywhere?  Do the Louis 
>and Bebe still have any of the circuits that they used on the 

Louis kept thousands of note cards with circuit diagrams and related 
notes. I've seen a few of them, but from a period later than 
Forbidden Planet. Whatever remains of Louis's stuff is in the garage 
of his second wife. I doubt if any of the original circuits still 

>Please tell them about "Bellerophon" by a band called Under the Dome.

Louis died in 1989, but I'm in regular contact with Bebe. I'll pass 
it along to her - she's always pleased by such things.

>Grant was speaking, of course, of the cybernetics theory that 
>inspired the Barrons.  Any information that you could pass along 
>would be most appreciated.

Louis was obsessed with Wiener's work from his first discovery of 
"Cybernetics" in the New York Public Library circa 1948. Some of the 
circuits were apparently an attempt at a direct translation of 
Wiener's diagrams in the book.


Richard Zvonar, PhD
(818) 788-2202