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I'd love you feedback

Dear fellow Loopistas,

Thank you for your enthusiastic responses to my last post (an  
invitation to get involved in the embryonic Post Traditional  
community).  I will get back to your emails over the next few days.

I also want to send a particular invitation to check out my new  
website.  Of course it's the usual information and promotional sort of  
thing, but the main 'soundtrack' is built of several discreet,  
un-synchronised loops in Flash.  So they (I guess in the style of some  
Eno things etc.) are constantly playing in new relationships and  
configurations.  I worked hard to create sounds that would combine in  
different ways to create different moods, harmonic and rhythmic  
relationships.  Of course some of the music examples elsewhere on the  
site are made live with Repeater, Headrush, D12, and EDP too.  I'd love  
to get your feedback on this stuff.  It's http://www.macrophone.org   
It's all Flash based and pretty big, so sorry if you're on dial-up!

By the way, I finally got some SIMMs that work in my EDP.  Thanks for  
the 2-or-3-not-9-chip advice!!!

Best regards to all and happy gnu year,


Ben Grossman