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Acousmatrix 1/2

 Santa Clause brought me a nice X-mas gift.The Acousmatrix CD of early
electronic work of Gottfried M.Koenig,who is a pioneer in electronic

Klangfiguren (1955/56)
Essay             (1957/58)
Terminus I     (1962)
Terminus II    (1966/67)

and other works can be found on this CD.

Especially above mentioned works,were realized manually mostly by

Klangfiguren runs for 10 Minutes and 30 Seconds.I donīt know how long it
to realize this piece of Music.But when I think of the tools 50 years
ago,I guess,it was
really a hard work to realize it by manual work.

Comparable to the work of John Chowning to realize "Sabelithe" many
years later.

Koenig used the band looping more in a Sense of todays "Sample Loops".So
it was not a Live Looping.
But however,this was a first step to modern looping,because in order to
get a rich spectrum,Koenig layered sound on sound.
A way of manual additive synthesis....

Klangfiguren itself is a hard piece of music.Really not for easy
listening,but interesting a lot.
Maybe nowadays a little bit nostalgic,because we know so many sounds.

Early  steps in looping.