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Re: Acousmatrix 1/2

1996 I made my first experience with the music of Michel Redolfi at the 
Electronica" Festival in Linz-Austria.
Since that time I follow his work.He is a very unique composer and I am 
impressed by his work.

I thought "Nausicaa" is his actual CD.Has he released a new one ?


Michael Peters schrieb:

> > lay some Ondes Martinot on me
> The Ondes Martenot is a fascinating instrument. Last year I saw two
> different concerts for the Ondes here in Cologne. There is also 
> contemporary music for the Ondes Martenot. I recently found a CD by the
> contemporary Ondes player Thomas Bloch with many Ondes Martenot tunes in
> different kinds of styles. He also plays on the latest CD (Vox in Vitro) 
> my all time favorite electronic composer, Michel Redolfi
> (http://www.redolfi-music.com)
> -Michael