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Re: korg dl8000r

I have one.  They're nice.  I got it to replace an old KORG SDD2000 I 
have.  In the end it didn't replace it, just added to it.  I suspect that 
happens a lot. :-)

I am using only 1/10th the capabilities it has, I am sure.  Teh Warp knob 
is cool, but I rarely use it.  

What I like best is the DL8000R's ability to bend the pitch of a delayed 
signal. It's not as smooth as the SDD2000, but that can be cool too.

As with alll stereo devices, they really sound best if you have a stereo 

My one "beef" with the DL8000R is getting the right gain structure to and 
from it in my rack has been hard.  I seem to get some hum from the device. 
 Others who have it and have reported about it here say it's very quiet 
for them.  So, perhaps having iit so close to other effects in my rack is 
the problem?

I suspect they are selling very very cheap now.  And they can do lots of 
fun things.

Oh yes, that 10 seconds mono looping time is nice.  But I never use it.  I 
mean, why bother?  I have 2 EDP's.  I'm confused enough by them!


> From: blixton <blixton@aromabar.com>
> Date: 2004/12/28 Tue AM 10:52:16 GMT
> To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
> Subject: korg dl8000r
> Any opinions on the little known korg dl8000r?