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Sir---DON"T give up too quickly.!  I own a Boomerang which has a A/B loop situation that helps solve what you aare talking about --,On Your Boss Do you not have seperite loop storage  (loop 1 loop2  loop 3 ect..) It seems that you would be able to build a second loop and store it and switch back to the original using musical themes to tie them together -- the thing I have done also is to use recording decks to capture a loop and using a repeat function use it as an additional loop----- Hope you figure it out ....
  Yours --- Greg Frenkel
Andrew Kolbeck <interstellar_andy@hotmail.com> wrote:
Hi, first time poster here,

I just recently purchased the RC-20XL to play ambient soundscapes (delays
and filters - this is my first foray into looping) and my only question

I can save a loop on Phrase 1, and keep overdubbing... But how do you get
the phrase to 'move along'? Is it possible to play phrase 1, keep it
playing, and be recording into the phrase 2 setting so you can improvise a
bit more with it and get a bit more natural progression of sounds? Or do
you have to have pre-recorded loops and mash them together, like sequencing?
Do the phrases HAVE to be recorded earlier or is there a way to record
them on the fly?

I like how you can overdub until there's no tommorrow, but with just 1
phrase to build on, how can you make the music take on a different idea? I
guess that's my main beef. If it can't do what I'm hoping, I'm going to
return it.

Thanks a million,