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new member introduction

Hi all, I just joined the group yesterday. I'm primarily a guitar/kybd 
player and I've been writing/recording my own music for many years 
though I've never tried to do any looping.  My 1st experience with 
looping was back in '78 or '79 when I saw Robert Fripp perform with his 
2 reel-to-reel decks at Tower Records in Campbell CA. Years later I 
heard more of the Fripp Soundscape work and the Michael Brook 'Live at 
the Acquarium' recording. After listening to some Fripp&Eno lately I 
started looking through the net and stumbled across the loopers-delight 
site. I listened to many of the loops from Andre LaFosse's tutorial site 
and got hooked. I'm most interested in exploring the 'one-person-band' 
real-time composition aspects of looping. Well, the stars have finally 
aligned and the time is right for me to plunge in. I've got a Gibson 
Echoplex and footpedal arriving this week and I'm very excited to be on 
a new sonic adventure!