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Re: Which looper to get?

Hey Tim,

Sorry the JamMan didn't work out, but so it goes.

A couple of options you might look into:

Get a second MIDI-synced looper, like another JamMan, dub your first loop into the first looper and do all the overdubs on the second. I used the JamMan in combination with the Repeater, this gave me the option to do simultaneous loops of different lengths between the 2 units, an option that I don't believe you can get with any single looper.

The Electrix Repeater gives you 4 seperate tracks of loops, you could dub your first loop onto the first track, and then do all the overdubs on the 2nd track, and so on. The Repeater also gives you one level of undo.

The boomerang won't do what you're looking for, but I still find it one of the most fun and simple loopers to use.
On Thursday, December 30, 2004, at 07:57 PM, t harris wrote:

Who knew this would be so tough.
Currently using Akai Headrush e1. Great, but loop time is too short. Really like that when you overdub on top of the 1st layer, you can strip everything back down to that first layer by hitting the record button twice.
Any other pedals with longer loop times that do this?
Tried RC20, don't think it does it.
How about boomerang?
Tried Jamman, but couldn't find that feature either.
Ultimately, midi compatibility would be nice, but not necessary.
By the way, I'm selling that Jamman if anyone's interested.

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