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New track for ya. (was: re: Let It Rot.....)

Right, in the spirit of.. erm. compostation, here's a vocal track, all 
live looping, one take. It's basically a dry-run of my Live4/REaktor 
FastFX setup. All loops are recorded and triggered and all effects are 
toggled on or off with the laptop keyboard - so this is a pretty neat, 
compact setup. It will be the basis for a series of recording sessions 
with two vocalists and me as the looper.

I haven't been looping for that long, less than a year, in fact, so any 
comments on structure and flow would be appreciated :-)



Andreas w.

jlucas wrote:

>On 29/04/05 12:57 -0600, Todd Howell wrote:
>>Can we all go back to all of the technobabble that we all find so 
>endearing about this list and knock off the slagging involving Windstick 
>Devil? The situation has reached a point of diminishing returns and 
>appears that further discourse with the afforementioned would not really 
>be benefitting the collective or Wind Stick Devil. 
>>What will it take to bring peace? Ideas?
>Post some *music*.