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RE: PCM 80...assign delay time to footpedal?

TFTR(thanks for the reply).
The start-up screen says SIMM memory 4065k (or close
to that, the unit is not here at work). 
I have figured a way to do it. I can assign a patch
that is: Source=Footpedal, Destination=DelayTime
.....or I can assign the Soft knob as a delay time
parameter, and make the Footpedal control the

Either way, I am able to advance the delay time to
it's max (just over 42 seconds)....without manualy
turning the Adjust knob a "bizzilion" times.
I wish there was another way to easily advance the
delay time without using the footpedal, as I'd like to
keep the footpedal open for other assingments.

>is your memory wrong, what's the message when you
>switch on the PCM ?

>salut daniel
>>I've searched the manual. Maybe I missed it.
>>I have the expanded memory, and under EDIT/DELAY
>>it says 2.500ms (if I recall correctly). Now, if I
>>want, 10 sec. delay ....how do I quickly advance the
>>increments - without turning the dial a bizillion
>>   Perhaps assign it to the footpedal?? I can't find
>>out how via the manual.
>>Much thanks,

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